What do Aussies really think of Halloween?

pumpkin with glowing eyesDo you really want to know what most Australians think of Halloween?  OK, you asked for it!  We think it’s … stupid!

Maybe it’s because we just do not understand it. Most of my Blog Followers are from the USA and Canada, so I apologise up front if I’ve offended you.  Here’s your opportunity to sock it to me – and educate me.

I am always prepared at home on Halloween night though. But not with candy.  Not with decorations.  Not with a skeleton sitting on my veranda in an old rickety rocking chair.  Not with fake cobwebs strewn over the front door.  Oh nooooo.

I prepare myself like this:-

I speed up the driveway and park in the garage, running to close the garage door in a weird running-crouchy position before any of the little witches and ghosts walking up the street see me.

In my home I shut all of my curtains and blinds. I turn the TV down so the house seems silent.  I tell the boys “If anyone knocks on the door, DON’T ANSWER IT! I’m pretending we’re not home.”

When Husband arrives home I usher him into the house and warn him with angry wife eyes “don’t make a sound!”

Are you getting the picture?  I’m like Ray Romano when his parents come to visit in “There’s something about Raymond”.  {Love that show!}

I don’t understand how …

We tell our kids never to speak to strangers or “accept lollies off strangers” – paedophile alert and all. So why is it ok for them to knock on strangers doors and get treats from them at Halloween?  I’d be terrified with terrorism that it’s a perfect way to attack Westerners – by handing out poisoned sweets.

Nope – not for me.

So last night was Halloween, and I ignored every knock at the door – the whole 3 of them! I guess it really was a “trick” to those trick and treaters.

So my answer to the little goblin’s question of “Trick or Treat” is this … “TRICK” … as I really was home!  Mwa  Mwa Mwaaaaaaaaaa {evil laugh}


© 2015 CEW

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20 thoughts on “What do Aussies really think of Halloween?

  1. I live in Canada and grew up loving Halloween. Costumes and free candy 🙂 But I love reading posts like these from people who live elsewhere and view things differently. I’m sure there is stuff about Canada that people who don’t liver here may find strange lol

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  2. I laughed when I read that you close the curtains and pretend you’re not at home. I do the same thing, and I grew up in Canada! I’m turned off by any commercialization of celebrations and holidays, and I refuse to buy candies at a specific time every year just because I’m told that it’s ‘the thing to do’. Having said that, I DO find it cute to see little kids in Halloween costumes.

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  3. I grew up loving Halloween, and I still do! I don’t hand out candy, though, because I’m cheap! Also, I live in an apartment. In all the years I’ve lived here, not once has anyone come to my door on Halloween. Last night, I’m sitting on the couch, lights ablazing, windows and blinds wide open, and guess what? A kid knocks on my door! They very clearly saw me! I froze and just ignored the door! I feel awful, but all I had to give was a tampon and maybe a box of couscous!

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  4. Oh My a Halloween scrooge…no problem….its one of those Holidays you either love it or not….my daughter and children love Halloween and when I was young, before kids…I always dressed up to answer the door….after a certain age my kids would rather buy a bag of there favorite candies and stay home and watch tv eating candy and answering the door….my last time I passed out candy, I kept getting teenagers, like 16, 17 and 19year olds….finally I dumped the candy in with the kids and turned off the light….last time I passed out candy….we go to my daughters to help bring in all Hallows eve but I don’t stick around for kids…..I have to support my kids and their favorite holidays…..lol I do like what Halloween stands for just not all the commercialism that it has become….kat

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