Hello world!

Love Love Laugh medallionsThis is my first post on “Cat in the Cactus”!  My name’s Cathy, and I was born to tell stories.  I’ve loved creative writing and story-telling from when I was a little school-girl – and it’s time to put my fingers to the keyboard and start painting vivid pictures with the written-word about life, love and laughing lots – on WordPress.com!

My two young-adult sons and husband are my inspiration. Their pranks and ridiculous antics have caused me to cry with laughter {and just cry sometimes} and they have coloured what would otherwise have been a black-and-white life.

Thanks for reading my first “Cat in the Cactus” post.  I look forward to reading your blogs too, Liking, Commenting and Following you, as well as building up relationships over the Blogosphere.


ps:  My first attempt at blogging was on a self-hosted site, which was just too hard as I’m not an IT expert.  But that’s a story for a future post … until then!


7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. You think YOU aren’t good with IT? I thought your last blog was already on WordPress! Lol! Shows how much I know about blogging! 🙂 I’m looking forward to “following” you here and staying in touch with your posts.


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